Basic+ Word of the Day: thunder

thunder (noun) LISTEN

A thunderstorm is approaching.

Thunder is a loud, rolling noise produced by lightning.

  • When you see lightning or hear thunder, you should go indoors.
  • Have you ever heard thunder during a snow storm?

Thunder is also any loud, resounding noise.

  • When the singer went onstage, there was a thunder of applause.

Common uses

thunderstruck: so amazed that you can’t speak. Example: “When the Cubs won the World Series, I was thunderstruck!”

Did you know?

Next time you see a storm, count the number of seconds between when you see the lightning and hear the thunder. Take the number of seconds and divide by 5 and that will tell you how far away the storm is in miles. For more fun facts about thunder and lightning, click here.

In pop culture

ThunderCats was an animated series in the late ’80s about a group of catlike humanoid aliens. Watch the series’ opening theme.

There are other meanings of thunder.
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