Basic+ Word of the Day: affair

affair (noun) LISTEN

I think he is having an affair.

An affair can be a business matter that requires action.

  • I need to resolve this affair with my lawyer.
  • My husband never discusses business affairs with me.

A personal matter is also an affair.

  • This is an affair between you and me.
  • This is not your affair.

A big party or event is also an affair.

  • Barbara wore her ball gown to the affair.

If you have an affair, it means that you have a sexual relationship with someone, especially if one of you is married to someone else.

  • I'm getting divorced. My wife had an affair with my best friend.

Common uses

Current affairs are events in the news. For example: “I read the newspaper so I will know about current affairs.”

In pop culture

The song “Family Affair” by Sly and the Family Stone was a hit in 1971. Which of the above meanings of affair applies to this song?

There are other meanings of affair.

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