Basic+ Word of the Day: sprinkle

sprinkle (verb, noun) past tense: sprinkled LISTEN

Sprinkle the veggies!

Sprinkle means ‘to scatter in drops or particles.’

  • George sprinkles the flowers every morning.
  • Andrew sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on his toast.

Sprinkle also means ‘to rain slightly in scattered drops.’

  • You don't need an umbrella; it's just sprinkling a bit.

A sprinkle is an act or instance of sprinkling.

  • The cookies have a sprinkle of sugar on them.
  • The weatherman predicted a few sprinkles this afternoon.

Did you know?

Sprinkles, in the plural, are tiny pieces of brightly colored candy that you can sprinkle on top of various desserts.

Related words

sprinkler: a device with a perforated top used to sprinkle water on grass or inside a building in case of fire. Example: “When Bridget started a kitchen fire, the sprinkler automatically turned on.”

In pop culture

Some people think everything is better with sprinkles. If you’re one of them, you’ve got to watch this video!

There are other meanings of sprinkle.
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