Basic+ Word of the Day: other

other (adjective) LISTEN

All the other shoes are black.

We use other to talk about the rest of the things in a group.

  • Jason likes swimming, but all the other boys in his class prefer baseball.

We can also use other when we mean ‘different.’ When we do this, we are talking about something that is the same type of thing as something that we talked about before.

  • Georgia wasn’t there, but I talked to lots of other people.
  • I’m busy tonight. Maybe we can go for a drink some other time?

Other can also mean ‘not long ago.’ For example, ‘the other day’ means ‘a day not long ago.’

  • I saw my best friend from school the other night.

In pop culture

The Others is a movie about a woman who goes to live in a big scary house with her children. The children start seeing people who aren’t there. The girl tells her mom that there are other people who live in the house with them. In this video from the movie, the mom hears music in the night. But when she goes into the room with the piano, there’s no one there. What happens next?

There are other meanings of other.

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