Basic+ Word of the Day: chase

chase (verb, noun) past tense: chased LISTEN

Chase means ‘to follow rapidly in order to catch.’

  • The cat chased the mouse.
  • The police chased the thief.
  • Felice chases the bus when she is running late.

Chase also means ‘the act of chasing.’

  • The chase is often the most exciting scene in an adventure movie.

Common uses

cut to the chase: get to the point. Example: “Don’t tell me all your problems; cut to the chase. How much money do you need?”

give chase: go in pursuit. Example: “When the little boy ran off, his babysitter gave chase.”

In pop culture

In the movie S.M.A.R.T. Chase, Orlando Bloom plays a security agent who has to take a valuable antique out of Shanghai. Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of chase.
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