Basic+ Word of the Day: staff

staff (noun) LISTEN

I always take my staff when I hike.

A group of employees working for a company or another institution is a staff.

  • If you want a successful company, make sure that your staff is happy.
  • The university staff is required to work during summer vacation.

A staff is a stick or pole used for walking or climbing.

  • It's important to carry a staff when you mountain climb.

A flag pole is also a staff.

  • When an important person dies, the American flag is flown at half staff. (=It is hung halfway up the flag pole.)

Did you know?

The five parallel lines used for musical notation are called a staff. There is a treble staff for high notes and a bass staff for low notes.

In pop culture

Watch this funny version of the famous fight between Robin Hood and Little John where they use their staffs as weapons in the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

There are other meanings of staff.

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