Basic+ Word of the Day: get

get (verb) LISTEN

What did you get for Christmas?

If you get something, it means that now you have something, usually because someone gives it to you.

  • I got a new watch for my birthday.

To get also means ‘to bring something from another place.’

  • Can you get me my book? It's in the living room.

Get is also ‘to buy something.’

  • I'll get some milk when I'm at the store.

If you get to a place, it means that you arrive there.

  • I got home late last night.

If you get on a bus, train or plane, it means that you go in it.

  • We need to get on quickly before the train leaves!

Get can also mean to become.

  • She got angry with me because I lied.

Common uses

When we like someone and we don’t have any problems with them, we often say that we get along with them (in the UK they also say get on with). For example, “I get along with all the people at my work.”

In pop culture

In the TV show House, Dr. House sings the classic song “Get Happy.” This is about the last meaning, ‘to become,’ and the song talks about why you should feel happy.

This is the most famous version of the song, performed by Judy Garland in 1950.

There are other meanings of get.

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