Basic+ Word of the Day: launch

launch (verb, noun) past tense: launched LISTEN

Launch means ‘to send forth a self-propelled vehicle or a weapon.’

  • The US launches spacecraft at Cape Canaveral.
  • The submarine launched torpedoes at the enemy ship.

Launch also means ‘to introduce a new product or venture.’

  • The start-up company launched their first product when they were still working in the CEO's garage.
  • The company launched their new sales incentive program at the beginning of the year.

A launch is the act of launching.

  • All of Jane's friends were at the bookstore for her book launch party.

A launch can also be a motor boat used to carry people.

  • The launch carried cruise ship passenger to shore.

Don't confuse it with

lunch: midday meal. Example: Kevin brings a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to school for lunch.

In pop culture

When Apple launches a product, their users get very excited. Watch this video from 2007 when they launched the first iPhone.

In pop culture

SpaceX Starlink 10 launched on August 7, 2020. Did you watch it?

There are other meanings of launch.
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