Basic+ Word of the Day: sink

sink (noun, verb) past tense: sank LISTEN

A sink

A sink is something that ‘you have in your bathroom or kitchen. It is where you can wash your hands, or wash the dishes.’

  • He left his dirty plate in the sink.

If a boat sinks, it means that ‘it goes under the water because there was a problem.’

  • Many people died when the Titanic sank.

If something sinks, it means that ‘it goes down into something.’

  • Her feet sank into the wet ground.

Don't confuse it with

If you sync two or more things, it means that they show the same things. For example, if you sync your cell phone and your computer, you will have the same music and pictures on both of them.

In pop culture

Titanic is a movie about the famous ship that sank in 1912. In this video from the movie, Jack and Rose are trying to get upstairs, but everywhere is full of water. They see a young boy and try to help him, but the boy’s father takes him. Why do Jack and Rose try to stop him?

There are other meanings of sink.
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