Basic+ Word of the Day: smart

smart (adjective) LISTEN

Mark is a good student and is very smart.

If someone is smart, it means that they are intelligent or clever.

  • He was one of the smartest kids at my school.

In the UK, if clothes are smart, it means that they are tidy and they look good, usually because you want to impress someone. In the US we sometimes say fancy or nice instead of smart.

  • I like to wear a smart suit when I go to a business meeting.

Common uses

When someone is annoying you because they think that they know everything, we sometimes say that they are a smart alec. For example: “I told you the answer was Moscow!” “Stop being such a smart alec!”

Related words

A smartphone is a cell phone that can do many of the things that a computer can do. It usually has an operating system and can download apps.

In pop culture

Smart Guy is a 1990s American TV show about TJ, a very smart boy (or guy) who goes to high school when he is 10. In this scene, he and two older students give a report about World War II. Listen to TJ say, “I could help him but then everyone will know I’m smart again.”

There are other meanings of smart.

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