Basic+ Word of the Day: dry

dry (adjective, verb) past tense: dried LISTEN

Dry means ‘not wet.’

  • Bill likes to walk to work when the weather is dry.
  • Make sure your hands are dry before you touch the book.

Dry also means ‘not containing liquid’ or ‘not moist.’

  • During the summer, the riverbed is dry.
  • During the winter, my skin is very dry.

Dry also means ‘to lose moisture.’

  • Dry your boots before you come into the house.
  • Betty dried her hair after her shower.

Did you know?

A person with dry humor says funny things without smiling or laughing, as if they are not making a joke. You need to listen carefully to what is said to know that it is funny. Many people think that British humor is very dry.

Related words

dryer: a machine that dries clothing. Example: “I forgot to put my socks in the dryer, so I’ll just wear my shoes.”

In pop culture

To leave someone high and dry means that you abandon them. Listen to Radiohead sing their song “High and Dry.”

There are other meanings of dry.

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