Basic+ Word of the Day: include

include (verb) past tense: included LISTEN

Does the price include breakfast?

We can use include to mean that something comes with another thing, or that it is part of it.

  • The CD includes her new song.

If you include something, it means that you put it in another thing.

  • They included my story in their book.

If you include someone, it means that they can be part of your group.

  • The children included the new girl in their games.

Related words

We use the word including to give examples of something. For example, “He speaks seven languages, including German and Russian.”

In pop culture

The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds is a British TV show about small children and what they do when adults aren’t there. In this video, three girls are playing a game, but they don’t want to include the other girl. Does the woman say that this is cruel, or that it’s normal?

There are other meanings of include.

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