Basic+ Word of the Day: heavy

heavy (adjective) LISTEN

A heavy box.

If something is heavy, it means that it weighs a lot.

  • My bag is heavy because of all the books in it.

If something is heavy, it can also mean that there is a lot of it.

  • There will be heavy rain tonight.

Common uses

We can use heavy when we want to say that someone is fat. Heavy is more polite than the word fat, but it still isn’t very nice! For example, “She was always heavier than her sister.” Another word that is more polite than fat is overweight.

In pop culture

Have you heard of heavy metal music? Here is a child playing heavy metal music on the TV show Australia’s Got Talent. It is hard to hear the words, but listen for “Take my hand” at the end.

There are other meanings of heavy.

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