Basic+ Word of the Day: straw

straw (noun) LISTEN

A straw is a narrow tube for sucking a beverage from a container.

  • Judah drinks his milk through a straw.
  • Straws are causing pollution in the oceans.

Straw is also stalks of a cereal grass like wheat, oats or barley.

  • Straw is used as bedding for animals in a barn.
  • Jane wears a straw hat on sunny days.
  • Diana served homemade bread in a straw basket.

Did you know?

Here are 19 creative ways you can use straws.

In pop culture

If you draw the short straw, that means that you have been selected to do an undesirable task. Listen to Metallic’s song, “The Shortest Straw.”

There are other meanings of straw.
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