Basic+ Word of the Day: discover

discover (verb) past tense: discovered LISTEN

They discovered some animal bones.

If you discover something, it means that you find something that people didn’t know about before.

  • Scientists have discovered a new type of fish.

If you discover something, it can also mean that you find something interesting that you didn’t know about before.

  • I’ve discovered a great new restaurant.

Or it can mean that you learn something that you didn’t know before.

  • I've just discovered that it's his birthday today!

Did you know?

The thing that you discover is a discovery. For example, “Marie Curie is famous for the discovery of the elements polonium and radium.”

Additional information

In 2014, a farmer discovered a giant bone on his farm. It was the leg bone from the biggest animal ever: a dinosaur called a titanosaur. In this video, you can see the leg bones of some older, smaller dinosaurs, and then the giant leg bone from the titanosaur. Can you guess how big it is?

There are other meanings of discover.

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