Basic+ Word of the Day: gang

gang (noun) LISTEN

All the kids ganged up on Arthur.

A gang is a group of people who associate with each other, with similar tastes or interests.

  • "I'm throwing a party for the gang I grew up with."
  • The gang is going to a movie tonight. Do you want to join us?"

A gang can also be a group engaging in criminal or antisocial behavior.

  • West Side Story is a play about two street gangs in New York.
  • It's not safe to walk there at night because of the gangs in the neighborhood.

Common uses

gang up on: to combine against. Example: “Her three brothers like to gang up on her.”

chain gang: a group of prisoners chained together while working outside the prison. Example: “The chain gang was working on the bridge repairs.”

Related words

gangster: a member of a gang of criminals. Example: “The gangster robbed small stores in the neighborhood.”

In pop culture

Watch the popular band Kool & the Gang sing their famous hit, “Celebration.”

There are other meanings of gang.
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