Basic+ Word of the Day: job

job (noun) LISTEN

"I love my job!"

A job is work that we do for money. If you have a job, it means that someone is paying you because you are doing something for them.

  • I was an actor, but now I have a job at a bank.

A job is also something that you have to do, usually because your boss or another person asks you to do it.

  • My boss gave me six jobs to do today.

It can also be something that you should do because you agreed to do it, or because other people think you will do it.

  • Every day my wife makes dinner and it’s my job to wash the dishes.

Common uses

When someone does something well, we often say that they did a good job. For example, “You did a good job cleaning the house today. It looks great!” You can also say just “Good job!” which is very common in US English. In the UK we usually say, “Well done!” instead.

In pop culture

Do you like your job? Watch this video about the ten best jobs in the world. Would you like to do any of these jobs?

There are other meanings of job.
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