Basic+ Word of the Day: crowd

crowd (noun, verb) past tense: crowded LISTEN

A crowd is ‘a large number of people together.’

  • When the singer sang his big hit, the crowd went crazy.
  • Rob watches football on TV because he hates crowds.

A crowd can be ‘a group of people who share the same interest or have something in common.’

  • When Jason went to college he hung out with the theater crowd.

To crowd means ‘to get together in large numbers.’

  • At the movie premiere, everyone crowded around the red carpet, hoping to see the stars arrive.
  • The protestors crowded the streets, blocking traffic.

Common uses

Two’s company; three’s a crowd. Someone may say this to you if you spend a lot of time with a couple who want to be alone.

Did you know?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for people who are ill or have been affected by a natural disaster. They usually provide a link on social media to a website that collects money from anyone who wants to make a donation.

Crowdsourcing is also a popular social media phenomenon. Someone asks for advice or perhaps the name of a good plumber on social media and their friends provide recommendations.

In pop culture

The in crowd is the group of people who are popular, especially among teenagers. Although this expression is a bit dated now, it was very common when Dobie Gray recorded this performance of “The In Crowd.”

There are other meanings of crowd.

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