Basic+ Word of the Day: trust

trust (verb) past tense: trusted LISTEN

"Do you trust me?"

If you trust someone, it means that you think that they are a good person, and you don’t believe that they will do anything bad to you.

  • I don’t trust him. I think he’s lying.

If you trust someone with something, it means that you give them something that is important to you.

  • I’m trusting you with my new car.

If you trust something, it means that you believe it.

  • Can you trust anything she says?

Related words

If someone is trustworthy, it means that you can trust them. For example, “Do you think he’s trustworthy?”

In pop culture

The movie Aladdin is about a poor man who lives on the streets. He falls in love with a woman, but he doesn’t know that she’s a princess. In this video from the movie, Aladdin is showing Princess Jasmine his home. Some men from the palace arrive, so Aladdin and Jasmine try to run away. They have to jump out a window. Jasmine is scared, but Aladdin asks, “Do you trust me?” She takes his hand and they jump together. In the end, do the men from the palace find them?

There are other meanings of trust.

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