Basic+ Word of the Day: check

check (verb, noun) past tense: checked LISTEN

"Check, please!"

If you check something, it means that you look at it, because you want know something about it.

  • Can you check that all the windows are closed?

If you check with someone, it means that you ask them about something, because you want to know something about it.

  • I don’t think we sell that, but I can check with my boss.

A check is something that you get at the end of a meal in a restaurant. It says how much you have to pay.

  • Could I have the check, please?

If you check in somewhere (for example, a hotel), it means that you tell someone that you arrived.

  • You should check in at the airport an hour before your plane leaves.

In pop culture

Mr Bean was a British TV show about a strange man who almost never talks and does lots of funny things. In this video from the show, Mr. Bean is checking in to a hotel. Why do you think he’s trying to be quick?

There are other meanings of check.
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