Basic+ Word of the Day: throw

throw (verb) past tense: threw LISTEN

"Throw me the ball!"

If you throw something, it means that you use your hand to make something fly through the air.

  • She threw him the ball.

If you throw something out or away, it means that you put it in the trash can.

  • You should throw out these old newspapers.
  • Can I throw this away?

If you throw up, it means that you vomit.

  • My children threw up in the car.

If you throw a party, it means that you have a party.

  • I’m throwing a party for Mark’s birthday.

In pop culture

Shaun of the Dead is a movie about zombies. In this video from the movie, two men want to stop the zombies. They throw lots of things at the zombies’ heads, but almost nothing works. Only records hurt the zombies, so they find lots of records to throw at them. How do they choose which records to throw?

There are other meanings of throw.

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