Basic+ Word of the Day: strange

strange (adjective) LISTEN

A strange bird

If something is strange, it means that it isn’t normal or usual.

  • Those are strange shoes you’re wearing.
  • It’s strange that she wasn’t at the meeting.

If something is strange, it can also mean that you don’t know it, or that you didn’t see it before.

  • He woke up in a strange bed.

Related words

A stranger is someone that you don’t know. For example, “All the people at the party were strangers.”

In pop culture

Ghostbusters is a movie about a group of people who want to catch ghosts. Do you know the famous song from this movie? The song starts like this: “If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” ‘Who you gonna call?’ means, ‘Who are you going to call?’

There are other meanings of strange.

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