Basic+ Word of the Day: different

different (adjective) LISTEN

Different colors

If two things or people are different, it means that they aren’t the same.

  • They’re brothers but they’re very different.

If something or someone is different, it means that they aren’t ordinary.

  • There’s something different about him.

If something is different, it can also mean that it is new and original.

  • The way this author writes is so different!

We can also use different to talk about various things of the same type.

  • I had to ask five different people before I got an answer.
  • I visited lots of different countries.

Common uses

When we don’t want to tell someone that we think that something is strange, we sometimes say, “It’s different!” For example, “Do you like my new hat?” “It’s… very different!”

Did you know?

After different we usually use the word from. For example, “This car is very different from that car.” But some people also say different than or different to. From, than and to are all correct!

In pop culture

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a musical about a story from the Bible. In the story, Jacob has 12 sons, but Joseph is his favorite. He buys Joseph a special coat with lots of different colors on it. Joseph loves his “coat of many colors,” but his brothers are angry because they didn’t get anything. How many different colors can you hear in the song?

There are other meanings of different.

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