Basic+ Word of the Day: shame

shame (noun, verb) past tense: shamed LISTEN

"Shame on you!"

Shame is the painful feeling of having done something wrong.

  • After she yelled at her father, Terry felt shame.

Shame can also mean ‘disgrace.’

  • When you stole money from the charity, you brought shame on our family.

To shame means ‘to cause to suffer disgrace.’

  • Phyllis shamed her team when she cheered for their opponents.

Common uses

to put someone or something to shame: to outdo or be better than. Example: “My new phone puts the old one to shame.”

Related words

ashamed: feeling shame. Example: “He was ashamed of himself for failing the test.”

shameless: lacking a sense of shame. Example: “After she was proven wrong, she continued to lie. She is shameless.”

In pop culture

Shameless is a TV series from the UK that has a also a US version. It’s about a family that has a drunk and selfish father. Watch the trailer for the first UK season.

There are other meanings of shame.
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