Basic+ Word of the Day: perhaps

perhaps (adverb) LISTEN

Perhaps I'll have a cranberry scone.

Perhaps means ‘maybe’ but is more formal.

  • Perhaps our team will win the game.
  • Perhaps I misunderstood you.

You can also make a request sound more polite when you use perhaps.

  • Perhaps you'd like to come with me to the dance.
  • Perhaps you should take me home now.

If you want to give advice politely, you can use perhaps.

  • Perhaps you should take the basic dance class instead of the tango class.
  • If your back still hurts tomorrow, perhaps you should take some pain medication.

In pop culture

Listen to The Pussycat Dolls sing, “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” Is the singer happy with the answer, “Perhaps?” Why?

There are other meanings of perhaps.

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