Basic+ Word of the Day: down

down (adverb) LISTEN

She fell down.

If something goes down, it means that it moves to a lower place. Sometimes this place is the floor or ground.

  • Come down from that roof!
  • She fell down.

If you slow down, it means that you go slower.

  • Slow down, I can’t walk that fast!

If you turn something down, it means that you do something so that it will be quieter.

  • Can you turn the TV down? I’m trying to work.

If you write something down, it means that you write it on some paper.

  • I’ll write down his name, before I forget it.

In pop culture

Do you know the Terminator movies? They’re about cyborgs (things that are part human and part robot) from the future called Terminators. In this video from the second movie, a boy is running because a Terminator is trying to kill him. But there’s another Terminator who is trying to save him. The second Terminator says, “Get down!” because he wants the boy to lie on the floor – he has a gun and he doesn’t want to hurt the boy. Who wins the fight between the two Terminators?

There are other meanings of down.

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