Basic+ Word of the Day: worth

worth (preposition) LISTEN

"Do you think it's worth a lot of money?"

If something is worth $10, it means that most people think that it should cost $10.

  • I paid $500 for this painting, but I think it’s only worth $200.

We can use worth to talk about how much there is of something. For example, if you buy three dollars’ worth of apples, it means that you buy a certain number of apples, and together those apples cost three dollars.

  • That’s five days’ worth of work.
  • I’ll take 30 dollars’ worth of gas.

If something is worth doing, it means that it is a good idea to do it, because it will be fun or interesting.

  • The British Museum in London is worth visiting.

In pop culture

Ocean’s Twelve is a movie about a group of men who need to make a lot of money. They want to steal a Fabergé egg that is worth millions of dollars, but another man steals it first. In this video from the movie, the man tells them how he got through all the lasers. How did he do it?

There are other meanings of worth.

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