Basic+ Word of the Day: peace

peace (noun) LISTEN

Peace on earth.

Peace is a state of harmony between people.

  • For hundreds of years, the people of the village lived in peace.
  • Some say that the peace movement of the 1960s helped end the Vietnam War.

Peace is also a feeling of tranquility.

  • When Steve meditates, a feeling of peace fills the room.

Peace also means ‘public order.’

  • The police's job is to keep the peace.

Common uses

Rest in peace (RIP) is something people say when they hear that someone died. “Rest in peace” or “RIP” often appears on tombstones. (A tombstone is a stone marker on a grave with the name of the dead person on it.)

Peace of mind: to have no worries. Example: “I have peace of mind when I know where my teenagers are.”

Did you know?

An important theme of the Holiday season is “peace on earth.” Wouldn’t it be nice if that was a theme for the entire year?

In pop culture

Here is a video of David Bowie singing “Peace on Earth” with Bing Crosby.

There are other meanings of peace.

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