Basic+ Word of the Day: regard

regard (verb, noun) past tense: regarded LISTEN

"Kind regards, William"

If you regard someone, it means that you look at them. We don’t usually use regard like this when we’re speaking, but you sometimes see it in books, for example.

  • He regarded her from the other side of the room.

If you regard someone as something, it means that you think of them in a certain way.

  • I regard him as a friend. (=My opinion is that he is my friend.)

If you give someone your regards, it means that you send them your love or respect. People often say this on the phone, because they want the other person to say hello to someone.

  • Give your husband my regards. (=Say hello to your husband for me.)

Common uses

We often use regards when we write emails. When we’re writing to someone that we don’t know well, we can use “Regards” at the end of the email, before our name. If we want to be more friendly, we can write “Kind regards” or “Best regards.”

In pop culture

Yankee Doodle Dandy is a musical film about the life of George M. Cohan. He was famous for writing music, and he was also a singer and dancer. He worked on Broadway, the famous street in New York with lots of theaters on it. In this video from the movie, George isn’t working there anymore. He sings, “Give My Regards to Broadway,” because he misses it there. Then he does a dance. Do you know what kind of dance it is?

There are other meanings of regard.
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