Basic+ Word of the Day: gold

gold (noun, adjective) LISTEN

A gold medal

Gold is a precious yellow metal.

  • My wedding ring is made of gold.
  • There was an old gold mine behind the farm.
  • The gymnast won a gold medal.

A quantity of gold coins is referred to as gold.

  • The rich man counted his gold every night.

Gold is also the color of gold.

  • Linda wore her gold sweater with her brown woolen pants.
  • The tree's leaves were red and gold.

Common uses

worth his weight in gold: very valuable. Example: The baseball team’s new pitcher is worth his weight in gold.

go for the gold: do everything you can to win. Example: “When you compete in the race, go for the gold.”

Did you know?

When a couple is married for 50 years, we say it is their golden anniversary.

In pop culture

Goldfinger was a 1964 James Bond movie in which the villain was obsessed with everything gold. Here is Shirley Bassey singing the theme song in the opening credits.

There are other meanings of gold.

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