Basic+ Word of the Day: pass

pass (verb, noun) past tense: passed LISTEN

"Can you pass me the chicken?"

If you pass something, it means that you go by it. You are moving, and it is on your right or your left.

  • We passed a lot of pretty houses on our walk.

If you pass something, it can also mean that you go through, over, or across it. You move from one side of it to the other side.

  • The road passes through the desert.

Or it can mean that you give something to someone.

  • Can you pass the salt, please?

If you pass an exam, it means that you do well in it.

  • I passed my driving test the first time.

When someone throws or kicks the ball to another player in a sport, we can call this a pass.

  • That was a great pass by Messi.

In pop culture

Do you know the Lord of the Rings movies? In this video from the first movie, Frodo and his friends are running from a monster. Gandalf (the wizard) stops on a bridge, and tells the monster, “You shall (=will) not pass!” He uses his magic, and the monster falls off the bridge. But what happens to Gandalf?

There are other meanings of pass.

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