Basic+ Word of the Day: fate

fate (noun) LISTEN

I see your fate in the crystal ball.

Someone’s fate is something that unavoidably happens to that person.

  • Trevor's fate was determined by the choices he made as a teenager.

Fate also means ‘destiny.’

  • Sally knew that it was her fate to become president of the country.
  • It was Leslie's fate to marry Mike.

Fate can also mean ‘death’ or ‘destruction.’

  • Many soldiers met their fate at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Don't confuse it with

faith: belief in the teachings of a religion. Example: “The Jedi had faith in the Force.”

Common uses

fate worse than death: a tragedy that would make life not worth living. Example: “When the soldiers arrived, the villagers suffered a fate worse than death.”

In pop culture

A twist of fate is an everyday event that happens by chance and is strange or has major importance. A Simple Twist of Fate is also a movie about a small child who wanders into a man’s home and it changes his life. Watch the trailer for this movie.

There are other meanings of fate.

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