Basic+ Word of the Day: bless

bless (verb) past tense: blessed LISTEN

Nature blessed us with a beautiful day.

In religion, bless means ‘to make something sacred.’

  • The priest blessed the newborn child.

If you ask God to bless something, you want that thing to be good in the eyes of God.

  • God, bless this dinner.

In everyday life, bless means ‘to give a benefit to someone.’

  • Nature blessed the girl with good looks and great intelligence.
  • I am blessed with many grandchildren.

Common uses

When you have a cold and sneeze, someone may say, “Bless you.” This is a superstition; people think it will stop you from getting sick.

Related words

A blessing is like a prayer that you may say or that someone else may say for you.

In pop culture

“Bless the Lord,” sung by the Oslo Gospel Choir here is very simple, but is meant to inspire people to bless God. Do you feel inspired by this song?

There are other meanings of bless.

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