Basic+ Word of the Day: will

will (auxiliary verb, noun) past tense: would LISTEN

"She won't play with me!"

We use will to talk about the future.

  • He will phone you tomorrow.

We can also use will + not (won’t) when we want to say that someone isn’t doing something, or that they don’t want to do something.

  • Billy won't give me back my toy!

A will is a document that people write before they die. It says the names of the people who should get their money and other things.

  • She left me the house in her will.

Related words

If you are willing to do something, it means that you will do it, but you maybe aren’t very sure or happy about it. For example, “I’m not sure it’s a good idea, but I’m willing to try your plan.”

In pop culture

Mr. Deeds is a movie about a simple man from a small town who becomes rich. After his uncle leaves him a lot of money in his will, Deeds moves to the city and works for his uncle’s company. In this video from the movie, Deeds sees his new house for the first time. It’s so big that there’s an echo! He asks everyone to shout with him for fun. Do they all enjoy it too?

There are other meanings of will.

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