Basic+ Word of the Day: career

career (noun, adjective) LISTEN

He is starting a career in construction.

A career is the profession you choose to do for most of your life.

  • She chose a career in journalism.

It is also a general course of action, even when it’s not the profession you choose.

  • He had a short career as a soldier when he finished high school.

Career can also mean having a profession.

  • He was a career diplomat.

Did you know?

Your boss may ask you, “Is this just a job to you, or is it your career?” If it’s just a job, you are probably doing it so you can make money or have health insurance. If it is a career, you are more interested in learning all you can, taking more responsibility, and being promoted. Most companies prefer employees who want a career.

In pop culture

In this episode of The Simpsons, the students take a test to see what career is best for them. Do you agree with Bart’s and Lisa’s test results?

There are other meanings of career.

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