Basic+ Word of the Day: relax

relax (verb) past tense: relaxed LISTEN

Relaxing in the pool

When you relax you don’t worry about anything and enjoy yourself.

  • After work I like to relax and watch TV.
  • Relax, while I make dinner.

If something relaxes something or someone else, it means that it makes it less tense or firm.

  • The medication relaxed his muscles.
  • Yoga relaxes me.

If you relax something, like rules, it means that you make them less strict.

  • The teacher relaxed the rules after everyone did well on their exams.

Did you know?

A muscle relaxant is a kind of medicine that relaxes your muscles. People take it when they are in pain.

In pop culture

Listen to the song, “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Does it relax you?

There are other meanings of relax.

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