Basic+ Word of the Day: straight

straight (adjective, adverb) LISTEN

A straight road.

If something is straight, it means that it goes in one direction. There are no corners or angles in it.

  • Roman roads were usually straight.
  • Her hair is straight.

If you go straight, it means that you go forward. You don’t turn left or right.

  • Go straight at the traffic lights.

If something is straight, it can also mean that it is horizontal or vertical.

  • I put a painting on the wall. Is it straight?

We can use straight to mean that we do something without anything in between. For example, if you drink something straight from the bottle, it means that you don’t put it in a glass first.

  • I went straight home after work. (= I didn’t stop anywhere between work and home.)

If you do something straight away, it means that you do it now. You don’t do anything before it.

  • I’ll do that straight away, before I forget.

In pop culture

The longest straight road in Australia is 90 miles (146.6 km) long. Because it’s unusual, some tourists like to drive it when they visit Australia. In this video, you can see all 90 miles of the road in less than four minutes. Do you think that you would like to drive on this road?

There are other meanings of straight.

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