Basic+ Word of the Day: desk

desk (noun, adjective) LISTEN

A school desk

A desk is a table with space to write and work. It may have drawers for papers, pens, and files.

  • I use my computer on my desk.
  • The classroom had four rows of desks for the students.

An area where a special function is performed can be a desk.

  • Harold couldn't find books on gardening so he asked at the information desk.

Desk can describe something that is normally on or in a desk.

  • Now that Adam has a new desk lamp, it's easier for him to read the report.
  • Cynthia's top desk drawer was filled with chocolates.

Common uses

A desk job is a job working in an office. So, if you don’t want a desk job, perhaps you prefer to build houses or work at a store.

In pop culture

Here’s a scene from the American TV show Seinfeld where George decides to sleep under his desk at work. Do you think his boss will discover him?

There are other meanings of desk.

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