Basic+ Word of the Day: worry

worry (verb, noun) past tense: worried LISTEN

"I'm worried about my mom."

Worry means ‘to feel nervous or anxious.’

  • The high cost of college worries the young parents.
  • Taylor forgot to study and worried that she would fail the test.
  • "Don't worry.Your presentation will be great!"

Worry can also be ‘a feeling of anxiousness.’

  • Sara had no worries; she believed everything would be ok.

Common uses

worry wart: A person who always finds something to worry about.

worried sick: The feeling of being extremely anxious. Example: “When their daughter didn’t get home by midnight, her parents were worried sick.”

In pop culture

Are you always worried? Then watch this funny video of Bobby McFerrin singing, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” It should make you feel better.

There are other meanings of worry.

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