Basic+ Word of the Day: deal

deal (noun, verb) past tense: dealt LISTEN

They made a deal.

When two businesses (or people) agree to do something, we call this a deal. For example, a company could agree to buy something from another company.

  • He doesn’t want to leave this meeting without a deal.

If you deal with a problem, it means that you do something about it. You don’t just forget about it.

  • I’m tired. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Common uses

When someone says that they will do something for us, but only if we do something for them too, we can say, “Deal!” This means that we like their plan. For example, “I’ll wash the dishes if you cook.” “Deal!”

Related words

A dealer is someone who buys and sells something. For example, “He worked as a car dealer.”

In pop culture

Shark Tank is a TV show about new businesses that need help. There are six rich and successful business people on the show – these are the ‘sharks.’ The owners of the new businesses ask the sharks for money, and offer to give them part of their business (for example, 20%). The business owners will get the money if the sharks agree to the deal. In this video, a man is presenting his business to the sharks. They like his idea (bubble soccer) and want to try it. Do you think the sharks should give him some money?

There are other meanings of deal.

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