Basic+ Word of the Day: forgive

forgive (verb) past tense: forgave LISTEN

"Can you ever forgive me?"

Forgive means ‘to give pardon for an offense.’

  • I've done bad things. Please forgive me.

Forgive also means ‘to give pardon to a person.’

  • Carol forgave Bill for abandoning her when their son was born.
  • Forgive me for leaving early, but I have another meeting.

When you forgive a debt it means that you don’t expect the other person to pay it.

  • If you work as a teacher for five years, we will forgive your college loan.

Common uses

Forgive and forget: Many people believe that if you forgive someone who hurts you, it makes you feel better. So if you truly forgive someone, you can forget about the problem and move forward with your life.

In pop culture

Listen to the song, “I Forgive You” from the soundtrack of Wonder Woman.

There are other meanings of forgive.

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