Basic+ Word of the Day: heel

heel (noun) LISTEN

A heel is the back part of the foot.

  • After her pedicure, Christine's heels were very soft.

A heel is the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the heel of the foot.

  • Sandy needed new socks because the heels were worn out.
  • The heel of his boot dug into the fresh snow.

Don't confuse it with

Heal means ‘to become healthy again.’ Example: “After the nurse cleaned and bandaged the cut, it healed within a week.”

Common uses

head over heels: rolling in a forward motion. Figuratively, it means being in love. Example: “James fell head over heels for Priscilla.”

high heels: women’s shoes with tall heels. Example: “Although they may be uncomfortable, high heels make your legs look longer.”

Related words

A common command for dogs is, “Heel.” That means that the dog sits next to your heel.

In pop culture

Listen to Seckond Chayance sing “Head over Heels.”

There are other meanings of heel.

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