Basic+ Word of the Day: healthy

healthy (adjective) LISTEN

Fruits and vegetables are healthy.

If someone is healthy, it means that they aren’t sick.

  • She's still very healthy at 85.

If something is healthy, it means that it is good for your body.

  • I try to eat a lot of healthy food, like vegetables and fruit.

Healthy can also mean that something is good for your mind.

  • It isn't healthy to work all day, every day.

If something is healthy, it can also mean that it is doing well.

  • We had some problems last year but now the business is healthy again.

Don't confuse it with

Healthy is an adjective. Health is the related noun. Don’t confuse them. You can say, “I am healthy” or “My health is important to me.”

Additional information

Watch this video about the 10 healthiest foods. Do you like them or do you prefer cookies?

There are other meanings of healthy.

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