Basic+ Word of the Day: sale

sale (noun) LISTEN

Sale is the ‘act of selling.’

  • When Laura's loan is approved, she'll complete the sale of the car.
  • The sale of illegal drugs is a problem in this area.

Sale also means ‘a special offering of goods at reduced prices.’

  • During the annual sale, towels are discounted by 50 percent.
  • Many people buy gifts after Christmas to take advantage of the best sales.

Sale is also the transfer of property for money.

  • The sale of Gary's business was completed before he moved to Florida.

Don't confuse it with

sail: the material on a boat to catch the wind.

Common uses

on sale: offered at a reduced price. Example: “My favorite brand of athletic shoes goes on sale every March.”

for sale: available for purchase. Example: “Any painting in this gallery is for sale at the right price.”

Did you know?

In many non-English-speaking countries, you will often see signs in store windows with the word “sale” in English.

In pop culture

Listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing the old standard, “Love for Sale.” The lyrics are in the comments below so you can sing along.

There are other meanings of sale.
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