Basic+ Word of the Day: fault

fault (noun, verb) past tense: faulted LISTEN

A fault line

A fault is an imperfection or a flaw.

  • Robin's worst fault is that she never completes a project.

A fault is also the responsibility for a failure or error.

  • Allen admitted that the car crash was his fault.

Fault also means ‘to accuse of error or wrong.’

  • Henry's financial advisor faulted the economy on losses in the stock market.

Common uses

find fault: to complain or be critical. Example: “No matter what I do, my mother always finds fault with me.”

Did you know?

A fault line is a break or crack in a body of rock or the earth’s surface. The San Andreas Fault is a famous fault line in Northern California where earthquakes are common.

In pop culture

Sing along with the Blind Boys of Alabama and Mavis Staples when they sing the gospel standard, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine.” Here is the refrain: “If I die and my soul is lost/Nobody’s fault but mine.”

There are other meanings of fault.

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