Basic+ Word of the Day: jumble

jumble (verb, noun) past tense: jumbled LISTEN

Jumble means ‘to throw together without order.”

  • Heather's son jumbled all his dirty clothes together on the floor.

A jumble is a confused pile or mass.

  • We'll never sort out this jumble of wires.

A jumble is also a state of confusion.

  • The morning after the party, Todd's mind was in a jumble.

Did you know?

A jumble is a word puzzle that usually contains 4 or 5 words with the letters in the wrong order. Your job is to unjumble them. For example, when you unjumble RDOW it becomes WORD.

In pop culture

A jumble sale (UK) is a sale of used items such as clothing, toys, books, etc. Watch this children’s program as Mr. Perkins organizes items for a jumble sale.

There are other meanings of jumble.

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