Basic+ Word of the Day: loose

loose (adjective) LISTEN

These jeans are too loose.

Loose means ‘not fitting closely or tightly.’

  • A loose sweater looks good with tight jeans.
  • After she lost weight, Pam's clothes were loose.

Loose also means ‘free or released from being attached.’

  • Lila had a loose tooth.

Don't confuse it with

lose: a verb that means ‘to fail to keep.’ Example: “If you lose your keys you won’t get into the house.”

Common uses

hang loose: to stay calm (informal). Example: “Hang loose, man. Everything will be okay.”

In pop culture

Have you seen the movie “Footloose” starring Kevin Bacon? The word ‘footloose’ is an adjective that means “free, carefree,’ and the movie title is a wordplay because the main character is a dancer.

There are other meanings of loose.

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