Basic+ Word of the Day: free

free (adjective) LISTEN

If someone is free, it means that they can go where they want and do what they want.

  • He was in prison but now he's a free man.

If something is free, it means that it doesn’t cost anything.

  • You get a free drink when you buy a sandwich.

If something is free, it can also mean that people aren’t using it.

  • Is this seat free? (A seat is a chair in a plane, bus, movie theater, etc.)

If you are free, it means that you aren’t busy and you have time to do other things.

  • I'm working this Saturday but I'm free on Sunday.

Common uses

When we want to tell someone that they can do something if they want, we often say that they should feel free to do it. For example, “Feel free to open a window if you’re hot.”

In pop culture

Do you know the Queen song “I Want to Break Free”? Break free means that you make yourself free. You can break free from prison, for example, but in this song it is figurative. Is there anything in your life you want to break free from?

There are other meanings of free.

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