Basic+ Word of the Day: itch

itch (verb, noun) past tense: itched LISTEN

Kitty has an itch.

Itch means ‘to have or cause an irritating feeling that makes you want to scratch a part of your body.’

  • In the winter my dry skin itches.
  • Wool sweaters itch.

Itch also means ‘to have a desire to do something.’

  • Fred was itching to travel to exotic places.

An itch is an irritating sensation or a restless desire.

  • After eating strawberries, Peter had an itch on his arm.
  • Although Marina has a good job at the bank, she has an itch for something more exciting.

Did you know?

People say that if you have an itchy palm (the front part of your hand), you are either going to pay someone some money or receive money.

Related words

itchy: having an itching sensation. Example: “Jon uses a shampoo for itchy scalps.”

In pop culture

The Simpsons like to watch a cartoon called The Itchy and Scratchy Show. Do you think Itchy and Scratchy are irritating characters? Watch this clip:

There are other meanings of itch.

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