Basic+ Word of the Day: heal

heal (verb) past tense: healed LISTEN

Heal means ‘to become healthy again.’

  • The mother cleaned and bandaged her son's cut knee so it would heal quickly.
  • Lois healed her injured shoulder by applying ice and doing gentle stretching.

Heal also means ‘to repair.’

  • Only time can heal a broken heart.
  • Time heals all wounds.

Did you know?

There is an expression from the Bible, “Physician, heal thyself,” (Luke 4:23). It means that before you point out the faults of others, make sure you don’t have the same faults. Example: Jack: “Don’t waste money on restaurants.” Jill: “You ate at a restaurant yesterday. Physician, heal thyself.”

In pop culture

Listen to Lady Gaga’s song “Heal me” and watch the video.

There are other meanings of heal.

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